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10 Tips to Lose Weight Backed by Science

Most people spend their youth years obsessed with eating low-fat foods and losing weight. Only with the passing of the years and the arrival of maturity do we realize that beyond diets, the really important thing is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But if you want to lose weight, these tips, scientifically backed, will help you in the process Best Fat Burning Supplement.

  1. Control your portions by eating in small plates

Researchers have shown that people eat less when food is served on a small plate rather than a large one. Scientists believe that when we consume food in a small dish we deceive the mind into believing that we are eating more.

  1. Get enough sleep

Being deprived of sleep decreases the levels of leptin (an appetite-suppressor hormone), while increasing ghrelin (hunger-stimulating hormone). As a result, people who do not get enough sleep tend to be hungrier and crave junk food like carbohydrates, sweets and salty foods. On the other hand, studies have shown that women who go to bed and get up at the same time every day have lower levels of body fat.

  1. Reduce stress to keep your hormones balanced

When we feel stressed, our body releases a hormone called cortisol. If it is released for too long, it leads to an increase in the amount of visceral fat around the belly. Still, cortisol is not the only hormone that influences your weight. Thyroid and adrenal glands play an important role too. If our hormones are out of sync, it is harder to lose weight.

  1. Trick your stomach through your nose

Several studies have shown that smelling food can be enough to fool the brain and have a feeling of fullness. Some satiating odors can be extra virgin olive oil, garlic, apples, bananas, fennel and grapefruit.

  1. Avoid buying fruits and vegetables that contain pesticides

A Canadian study in mice found that chemicals from pesticides slow down metabolic function, which increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. A better alternative would be to buy organic foods.

  1. Allow yourself a treat per week

According to research, a cheat meal once a week can accelerate metabolism by reactivating leptin levels, balancing thyroid hormones and reducing anxiety. As much as possible, try to keep it healthy and choose high in carbohydrates in foods high in fat for a high effect of leptin.

One day a week or even two you can indulge in a little treat, like a sweet or your favorite food. This cheat meal can accelerate metabolism by reactivating leptin levels.

  1. Do not eat when you are distracted

An article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition ensures that multitasking while eating (watching TV, driving or working) can cause us to eat more.

  1. Include coconut oil in your diet

In addition to being delicious, coconut oil contributes greatly to weight loss. You can use it to make sweets, to fry or add it to your smoothies.

  1. Control your satiety with apple cider vinegar Apple cider

Vinegar is well known for balancing blood sugar levels and satiety. In one study a group of participants received different levels of apple cider vinegar with carbohydrates in the form of white bread. The analyzes showed that the higher the levels of apple cider ingested, the lower the blood glucose and the insulin levels of the participants. In addition, those who consumed more vinegar said they felt fuller than others.

  1. Eat mushrooms instead of red meat

Mushrooms are a good substitute for red meat when used in dishes such as patties, lasagna and tacos. In one study it was found that individuals who consumed one cup of mushrooms each day instead of red meat, lost an average of 7 pounds, had a smaller waist size and also a lower body mass index. It was also found that these individuals were more able to maintain their weight loss than people who ate meat.