2007 Feng Shui Year of the Boar

What are the important tactics for the “2007 Feng Shui Year of the boar?”

I’ve been asked this question too many a time even before the beginning of the lunar Chinese new year, which is the eighteenth of February this year. I’m not surprised though because the Chinese tradition dictates that each household would do some clean-up rituals before the end of each year.

When one wants to clean up the energy of the house to make it a real “Feng Shui house” so to speak, one’d definitely need to sort out the Feng Shui in the bedroom to begin with, and then incorporate good world of fengshui interior design wisdom to put things in the most appropriate positions according to the “Flying Star” energy flow chart of each year. Such ordinary household objects as plants, fountains, mirrors, lamps, artistic objects and the like – they have to be cleverly positioned in order for the desired effects of a good “Feng Shui house” to take place.

The sure sign of excellent Feng Shui interior design will be that when someone enters this house, they’d feel its harmony which is not too “yang” nor too “yin” – i.e. everything is in dynamic and yet gentle flow.

Everything is done with the right touch. The lighting from outside just blends in nicely with the interior setup…etc.

But the most important thing is: all these have to be done according to the “Flying Stars” energy flow chart of each particular year. Or else, it’d be just a nicely decorated house, not a good Feng Shui house with Feng Shui interior design in use.

For example, in this 2007 Feng Shui year of the boar, the “Yellow Star of the Earth” falls upon the NE direction. It’s because of the nature of this “Yellow Star of the Earth” that it’s best not to put anything that is too vibrant and dynamic in the NE direction.

Let’s say, the Feng Shui in our bedroom dictates that a TV is located at the NE corner of the room, and that around that corner are also some floor lamps that will be on all evening until bedtime. As this goes against the nature of this “Yellow Star” which resides in the NE direction this year, there is bound to be some negative experience derived from this incompatible mix of positioning. We might get irritated for no reason as soon as we enter the bedroom; we might argue easily over some insignificant issues, which seldom happened in the past year; we might feel uncomfortable or even sick being in the bedroom for no reason…

Physical as well as emotional sensations of this nature are often caused by the inappropriate Feng Shui setup that changes every year. Yes, in Chinese, there’s a good old saying that goes “Feng Shui rotates itself constantly.”

Therefore, the first and foremost important point to bear in mind if you want to live in a good Feng Shui house in 2007 Feng Shui year of the boar, is to ensure the NE directions are clear of anything that is too “Yang” or too dynamic by nature. No spiky plants, no hi-fi or TV, no heater, or anything that emits too much dynamic energy…in the NE direction.

What to do if you just so happen to have these but can’t change any of them:

Not to worry, it’s going to be easy – put a white earthen object such as a vase, or a piece of art in white color, or a dog statue in the NE direction. This, according to the rules of I-ching, will help neutralize the negative influences derived from such a wrongful mix of Feng Shui factors.

Mind you though, this is only the first and foremost Feng Shui concern for 2007. There are still a few important points to be dealt with later.

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