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5 tips for the care of your most elegant shirts

Nowadays, it is not enough to wear an impeccable jacket and tie. Having the shirts in perfect condition is also imperative , since most of the men who wear them will show it at some point during the day, when they take off their jacket.

If you want to keep your shirts more stylish and elegant in perfect condition, you must take into account that good care will make them look like the first day, especially if it is personalized t shirts for couples. The  embroidery shirts  is a touch of class that deserves proper conservation.

Beware of washing:

When washing a white shirt, it is best to put a little extra detergent in the armpits, neck and double cuffs, which are the parts of the shirt most exposed to friction. If a shirt has sweat stains that are impossible to remove with the washings, or have mixed the colors of your stripes, it is best to get rid of it. If with the wash your shirt has shrunk, do not put it on anymore. Nothing is more unsightly a shirt that is not the right size, with sleeves too short or inconveniently snug. To avoid these situations, wash it by hand or with the delicate program recommended by the manufacturer of your washing machine.

Observe the places of more friction:

The collars and cuffs are the first thing that begins to fray due to wear. If this happens, you may be able to change them without buying a new shirt. If this option is unfeasible, maybe I can leave this shirt to combine it with jeans in a more casual, weekend style.

Plan them correctly:

Wrinkles always cause a bad impression. To avoid them, the first thing to do is use a reliable and reliable iron. You have to start ironing the shirt inside out, then move to the outside, and use the iron from the lowest to the highest heat. The order to follow is the following: collars, cuffs, front of the shirt, back and, finally, sleeves. Do not forget to hang it in an optimal place until you put it on.

When folding them, pay attention to the neck:

There are hard collars that are perfect for wearing a shirt without a tie. Doubling them would imply that the neck would take strange shapes that would not sit well. A neck that comes down when you leave without a tie is very unsightly. Also, do not forget to choose the neck of your shirt more or less wide depending on your neck, so that you stay perfect.