6 lunch ideas for hurry mornings

We are continually reminded of how lunch is the most important meal of the day for a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight. But lunch is just as important for “refueling” the body after fasting for a whole night.

Protein-rich foods like eggs will keep you longer full than carbohydrate-rich foods like bread or pastries. For example, consider that every meal of the day is an opportunity to introduce essential nutrients into your body, and if you can adjust your vitamin and mineral needs early in the day, why not? If you have the “sweet tooth,” you might want to try some of those lunches that are almost desserts but are healthier than a corner or commercial coffee muffin.

Green smoothie

Green smoothies are the perfect way to eat fruits and vegetables before the day starts. A typical green smoothie that combines raw fruits and vegetables and can contain up to 4 of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables needed per day. A quick and delicious green smoothie can be made by mixing spinach, frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries …), avocado and skim milk (or unsweetened almond milk – I love !). For the more active like me, a portion of Shakeology or protein powder will keep you satiated until dinner. For those who are more hectic in the morning, this is the perfect breakfast to sip on the go.

Overnight grits

Everyone does not like oatmeal; it can be bland and it’s probably not the most appetizing element early in the morning. What if I told you that you could have a dessert in the morning? Overnight oatmeal is made by soaking oatmeal in yogurt and milk (including nut milk and soymilk) overnight, along with other accompaniments such as fruit, nuts and even ingredients like chocolate powder and peanut butter. Oats are high in fiber and when eaten regularly, they can reduce the risk of type II diabetes and lower bad cholesterol. Overnight gruels are simple to make; all the preparation is done the day before and the gruel is deposited in the refrigerator during the night so that the oat is softened.

Chia seed pudding

The chia seed is considered a superfood because it contains significant amounts of essential compounds such as omega 3 fatty acids and calcium compared to other edible seeds. Research suggests that regular consumption of chia seeds may help lower cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels and blood pressure. A great way to incorporate chia seeds into your diet is to sprinkle them on your groats and smoothies. Another very interesting way is to turn them into pudding. It turns out that the chia seed, when soaked in a liquid, releases a gel to form a pudding. Add the chia seed to the liquid of your choice or your favorite milk in a ratio of 1 to 4.

The Ochazuke

Wondering why Japanese women are thin? Why not try to eat as they do? Ochazuke is a traditional Japanese lunch of rice and boiled green tea. It is also recommended as a remedy for the “hangover”. To prepare your own ochazuke, go to an Asian food store to buy microwave rice and a mixture of ochazuke, which usually contains green tea powder, sesame, dried fish flakes, Japanese plum and algae Shakeology Ingredients. To assemble, simply heat the rice, empty the bag of ochazuke on the rice and add hot water. Here you get a warm and comforting lunch bowl, ideal for a cold winter morning.

Protein pancakes with banana

Some people like pancakes, yet avoid them because of the refined carbohydrates they contain. In addition to using whole wheat flour for pancakes, another way is to make them without necessarily having the impression of making a cake; it is to make protein pancakes with bananas, which do not contain flour. At all. Mix 2 mashed ripe bananas with 2 eggs and a half cup vanilla Shakeology or protein powder, and fry in a buttered pan. Feel free to add dark chocolate chips and ground cinnamon for more flavor.

Frittata or frozen omelette

For those who prefer a tasty lunch, how about preparing a frittata? Frittatas are one of the few egg dishes that freeze and warm up well. Eggs are high in protein, giving you energy for the first part of the day. With dairy products and vegetables such as spinach and zucchini, the frittata for lunch is a complete meal in itself. Warm the frittata over low heat in the microwave to keep it soft.