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8 tips to start meditating

Living in a place as busy as the CDMX requires that within our routine we make a space for moments of relaxation. And although many prefer to go out for a drink with friends or stay at home to watch their favorite series, there is a technique that we should all practice wofs haircut, to achieve a true moment of peace for the body and soul: meditation.

Goodbye pressure, goodbye stress. Probably not permanently, but for a moment that helps reduce its negative impact on us. Here we present you with fundamental tips so that you include meditation in your life and in that way, radically better every day.

1. that is the first thing you do in the day

If we prioritize it to become the first activity we perform upon awakening, the habit is more likely to stay.

2. It generates the perfect conditions

The key to a good meditation session is the context. If you choose a quiet place without distractions, you are more likely to meet the objectives of that session. It is also important to adopt a comfortable posture. If you have difficulties, a special cushion can be an excellent idea, since in general meditation takes time. It is also advisable to do it on an empty stomach but never hungry.

3. Do not think too much

Although there are many different techniques to meditate, the fact of coming into contact with your body and what you feel is the best way to start. It is normal to think that you meditate badly but you do not have to worry about it. There is no right way to do it, as long as at the end you feel better than when you start.

4. Concentrate on how you feel

Before any meditation session you should think about the current state of your body. Do you crave? Stress? Fatigue? By knowing how you are, you can conduct your process so that at the end you feel better and free of negativity.

5. Count your breaths

The best way to acquire a neutral state of mind and body is to breathe. If you concentrate on counting every time you inhale and exhale, your brain will focus on it. During a session it is normal for the mind to be distracted. When that happens, go back and count your breaths.

6. Do not worry about cleaning your mind

Although one of the consequences of meditating is to leave your mind free of any thought, this is not the fundamental goal. It is completely normal to have thoughts, but the important thing of meditation is to know how to concentrate on the most important thing and practice so that the mind does not fly.

7. Analyze your body

It is important to concentrate on how each part of your body feels. It is advisable to start with the toes and continue with the rest of the parts of your anatomy.

8. Commit yourself

For your meditation sessions to work it is important that you keep a record. Do not make it a burden in your day, but adopt it as the best way to start. And always when you finish meditating, a smile is highly recommended.