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INCREASE your testosterone NATURALLY: 7 techniques!

We will see in this video how to BOOST his testosterone naturally without the need to prick himself with a syringe legal steroids.

In the rest of the article, testosterone will be regularly called “T”, for reasons of simplification.

What is testosterone exactly?

Testosterone is the main anabolic and sexual hormone in humans (and women)!

She is responsible for sexual desire, muscle hypertrophy, bone density, and hair growth.

Men produce on average 10 times more testosterone than women, but women are more sensitive to its effects.

Testosterone is 95% secreted by the testes in humans, and by the ovaries in women, the remaining 5% is produced by the adrenal glands.

It is the hormone responsible for the masculine traits, physical strength, dominance, hairs and virility that both sexes need for their sexual and physical development.

What’s the use of this hormone, really?

The “T” plays a different role at each stage of human life:

Before birth: With dihydrotestosterone, the “T” will partially allow the formation of male genitalia and help identify the male or female gender. It is also present in the process of creation of the prostate and seminal vesicles.

During early childhood:   Boys’ testosterone levels increase, almost to puberty levels, to fall to 4-6 months. We’re still not quite sure what this increase means and what testosterone does, but it’s clearly doing something. One theory proposes that the brain “masculinizes”.

Just before puberty:  Testosterone begins to rise in both sexes, boys and girls. Childhood disappears, replaced by budding pubic hair, the beginnings of body odor, growth spurts, oily hair and oily skin. The bones mature and the hair grows under the armpits (smell, smell …).

During puberty:  Testosterone undergoes a massive increase. New smells, uncomfortable fluctuations in the functionality and appearance of certain organs and strange new perspectives on the opposite sex. What happiness!

In adults: the effects of T on growth and development have largely manifested themselves, and this hormone then simply seeks to maintain itself at appropriate levels. It will maintain the libido in both sexes and condition the frequency of erections for example. The T will also play on muscle maintenance (as well as on their development) and bone density.

The hormone that opposes the “T”, cortisol:

Cortisol is the stress hormone, which is a little the antagonist of T.

This hormone, like insulin , has allowed us to survive in the past by allowing us to respond quickly to situations of imminent death or mortal danger.

When it is too often high (stressful life, cardio too often, lack of sleep), testosterone is “cut off.

Excessive levels of cortisol produce insulin resistance, fat buildup  and muscle atrophy, while testosterone promotes muscle hypertrophy and lean body gains.

Cortisol contributes to the metabolic syndrome, while testosterone helps relieve it.

How to increase one’s “T”, be healthy long, and have more muscles?

There are mainly 7 methods to increase one’s T throughout one’s life:

Lifting heavy loads: As we saw in a previous article on muscle gain , lifting heavy brings benefits to endlessly.  One study showed that Squat and bench press sessions with 90-second rest periods increased post-workout T levels. Become a lifter, man, or woman!

Sprinter: In young men, a test showed that a short sprint of six seconds increased total serum testosterone levels. T levels remained high during the recovery period. In addition, sprint is to make athlete’s legs and promote fat loss .

Exposure to the sun sufficiently: Science shows that adequate levels of vitamin D are positively correlated with testosterone levels. It is therefore advisable to expose oneself to the sun sufficiently by exposing large areas of skin in order to synthesize them as much as possible, especially in winter (supplements that are almost essential for this period, except if you like to tan by -3 ° C ).

Avoid excess cortisol: as we have seen above, good sleep, a balanced lifestyle, regular play for distraction and physical training that does not cause stress can reduce the production of cortisol and allow the T to express itself more easily.

Eating grazing animals: Modern farming methods cause the appearance of dioxin in the diet, which interfere with the male reproductive system, including testosterone production. Dioxin is present in the animal fats of these farms but also in conventional supermarket dairy products. For these products, prefer “organic” and “grass-fed” labels => (meat of a real butcher, dairy of a real farm).

Avoid foods that cause insulin spikes: research has shown that 75gr of sugars (and support the peak of insulin that occurs soon after), immediately made T levels of 25% diabetics, diabetics, and those in good health.

Have sufficient Zinc intake: a lack of Zinc can predict a decline in T levels. By cons, taking Zinc supplements does not raise T levels beyond normal. So, adequate dietary Zinc is the best you can do.

Testosterone is a hormone health / sexuality / muscle mass essential. Eat natural , train natural and live natural can fill up with T.