Learn More about the Cisco Transceiver Here

If you are looking for the best manufactures of Transceiver, Cisco is just one of them. This company has made name for itself through the quality standard of the products. The cisco transceiver or modules are the quality performing Ethernet interconnects. This interconnects are used in all Cisco switches as well as other networking hardware. Going for the transceiver offered by Cisco will give you opportunity to get quality connectivity for both short range and long range. That is the reason for you to go ahead and check Cisco for your high quality and performing interconnects.
The truth about cisco transceiver short range
There are two major things to consider when you want to go for transceiver from any manufacturer. These are short and long range of the modules or transceiver. As for cisco transceiver the short range is made to provide data reach of about 550m distance. That means the short-range Cisco module can even be enough to cover your office and nearby office. It is also the short range is made with multiple mode fibre for great connectivity.
Cisco Transceiver Long Range and What You Need To Know
Another thing about the cisco transceiver is that the long and short ranges are made for different purposes. While the short range is made for multimode fibre the long range is made for single mode fibre. The short range provided data reach of about 850nm, 1310nm, 1610nm and more. In that regard, you will be sure of perfect data reaches using transceiver from Cisco.