Quite natural: These 6 tips increase the female libido

Lull in bed? We provide resources and tips to increase your desire for sex in a natural way.

Sometimes there is simply a doldrums in bed: desire, desire, arousal, desires and fantasies have a break in such phases Male Extra review. This can be particularly stressful in a partnership, but even singles, the listlessness can get really annoying. But is the pleasure pill for the woman really necessary to come back to a fulfilling sex life?

So you get the sex that you deserve

Only rarely are the causes of a medical nature. However, those who suffer from the lack of desire and believe that they have a diminished sexual appetite should consult a doctor. Libido killer number one, however, is above all the stress that seems to be a permanent guest in our hectic everyday life. The functioning is usually above the pleasurable enjoyment – no wonder that sexual desires are left behind. We show you six natural ways to regain the pleasure:

6 ways to increase your libido in a natural way

  1. Culinary pleasure makers

There is little clear scientific evidence that certain foods increase appetite – but it does not hurt to experiment a bit! So should fruits such as blackberries, watermelons, bananas, avocados and figs are particularly stimulating, even nuts and vegetables such as broccoli and spices such as ginseng, ginger, saffron and cloves to have a positive effect on the female libido.

Especially vitamins and minerals should be responsible, that the blood flow – also in the genital area – is increased. For example, vitamin B6 helps to balance the hormone balance. The same is true of fish: The omega-3 fatty acids not only help with inflammation in the body, but also against irritability, stimulate the production of dopamine and thus ensure a good mood. Basil is also traditionally used as a means to increase the level of luster: on the one hand, the fragrance should seduce, on the other hand, the green leaves should stimulate stimulating reactions in the body.

The classic among the culinary pleasure makers is and remains the dark chocolate. There are even studies that show an aphrodisiac effect – or almost: chocolate promotes the release of phenylethylamines and serotonin, which causes us to get going. But probably the lust-increasing effect here is more psychological than physical nature.

  1. Stress reduction and healthy sleep

You can still live as healthy as you want – when the stress is over, it is quickly over with the sexual desires. While sex is often a means of reducing stress for men, women do not even get up and running when under constant strain. And there are physical reasons as well: if the body is too busy building stress hormones, the formation of secondary hormones – including the sex hormones – suffers.

So, if you want it to work in bed again, just go down a gear. Give yourself space to relax, meditate, or simply paint things that can be done later on the to-do list. Also important: a healthy and adequate sleep. Without the time needed for body and mind to rest, daily functioning becomes even more difficult, the level of stress increases – a vicious circle develops. No wonder that especially newly minted parents think of anything but sex.

  1. Sport and exercise

Sport can also help reduce stress. In addition, we feel better in our own body, are more confident and feel more attractive to ourselves. Lack of exercise also causes the blood circulation is slowed and the flow of energy stagnates – including the libido.

A good blood flow in the sex organs is not just for arousal, but also for sexual stimulation and gratification important. In short, the better the circulation, the better the orgasm. Who expels only 20 minutes a day, will notice the effect not only on the dress size, but also in bed. If you also practice yoga or similar workouts, you can also look forward to relaxed muscles and a well-balanced head – and that will benefit the libido too.

  1. The power of the forbidden

Sometimes, however, it is not the stress of having children, work and free time responsible for the sexual drought. Often the routine simply beats. Especially with couples who have been together for some time, she sneaks in – whether you want it or not. You can beat the habit with a few tricks. Because: Everything that is forbidden or special triggers sexual desire in us.

How about sex again in unfamiliar places? There are several alternatives to the domestic bedroom: another room in the apartment, a hotel room, public – but not too public! – places and so on. Make an appointment; you will be alienated again, at least for a short time.

If you want to go one step further, use role-playing games, sex toys and Co. Lusts and desires can also be awakened again when sex has something new to offer in itself. And it does not have to be the handcuffs right away: a little lubricant here, some feathers there. In addition still stimulating oils from the aromatherapy – one never underestimates the power of the scents – and already the lovemaking is a self-runner.

  1. Honesty in the partnership

But all methods do not help if the partnership lacks openness. Because, as everywhere else, communication is the key to success. Unresolved conflicts can lead to libido in the cellar of men and women. And if one partner feels more pleasure than the other, it can also lead to problems – often they declined feels so not desirable and rejected. Those who deal with each other openly can make compromises that will do justice to both. And also dreams, fantasies, secret passions and desires are usually not fulfilled, if the other person knows nothing about it. An open ear can also lead to a satisfied desire.

  1. Love your body: self-confidence and body acceptance

Those who are insecure with themselves and their bodies usually do not reach the heights of sexual gratification. Often it does not even come that far, the desire is simply missing. Self-confidence is the real motor of the female libido – sexy is more of a feeling than a look. It is therefore essential to learn to love one’s body. Sport, meditation and yoga can help, but also the acceptance that we humans are just different.

And do not forget: the hunger hooks and bosom wonders in the media are the exception rather than the rule. Of course, life experience also plays a role – no wonder that older women, who are usually more in tune with themselves and their bodies, often have better sex than young women. Libido is and always will be a matter of the mind.