Social Networks Management

The presence of the entities in Social Networks is more important every day

One of the most important marketing tools of today is the use of Social Networks. Therefore, it is very important that the entity has an adequate profile in them and is used properly.

Social Networks are a space with infinite possibilities, especially direct interaction with users (existing and potential). Through its use we can achieve greater presence on the internet, enhance the brand of the entity, communicate with our users …

For this it is important to create a good profile in each of the Social Media Management. It is also important to take into account that “it is not worth” to create a profile, but rather to provide it with content in a constant way, different depending on the type of social network. This is very important because otherwise it can turn against us.

We analyze your needs with you and advise you what you need, no more, no less.

Why do I have to join the Social Networks if I already have my website?

Social Networks have a different function to the web, so it is necessary to analyze if they are appropriate for your entity:

A website is an institutional space, where you can get information on all the activity of the entity, its objectives, news.

Facebook provides a more direct and informal contact. It allows much exchange of information, dialogue and publications that are not exclusively of the entity. Many people have an account and that is why we can find new interested users.

Twitter brings immediacy, information in real time. With 140 characters you have to say what you want to communicate and instantly reach our followers

YouTube or Vimeo offer us a great multimedia tool for video and audio storage.

Other social networks provide us with more specific tools such as audio (Ivoox), professional relations (Linkedin), blogs (Blooger) …