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The 22 most important tips for buying a home

  1. Do not conclude a home savings contract. The fees eat up the interest. Only the consultant collects a high commission – which you have to pay we buy houses.


  1. Take a course at the Consumer Advice Center on the purchase of real estate and its financing.


  1. Do not finance via the internet. For the investment of your life you need a personal contact person. Go to a bank, but do not be treated as a petitioner. Always be aware that the bank earns you a lot of money.



  1. No bauspar trap. No double contracts. No full or overfunding. Simply close a long-term annuity loan with a sufficiently high repayment. Demand the most frequent and high options for special repayment. That saves a lot of money.


  1. Demand and use all possibilities of favorable grants and loans via the KfW and regional support programs.


  1. Never consider making a purchase to save taxes or because of low interest rates. Whether the purchase is worth it is ultimately decided only on whether the property increases in value or sinks. Example: If you finance 10 percent equity and the property loses 10 percent in value, you have lost all your savings. The low interest rates are of no use to you either.


  1. Buy only if you have at least 20 percent equity and a secure job. Many real estate buyers sleep badly – for fear of being unable to pay the loan at some point.


  1. And do not buy “for the sake of children”. Children cannot do anything with towel gardens. They do not like barren suburbs or drab, infrastructure-free land areas. Children will enjoy other kids in the neighborhood and a sports club around the corner as well as a pedestrian way to school.


  1. Have a used property inspected by a down to the most annoying professional. Best of a Swabian. Read all about asbestos, mold, formaldehyde, sponge, mineral wool, wood preservatives, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB).


  1. Have friendly discussions with all neighbors. They do not want to live next to a sexually frustrated child-hater or next to a barbecue-hostile lawyer.


  1. Get a Schufa information about your developer and your architect. Best also about your mortgage lender.


  1. Request a guarantee from your developer for his services. Unusual, but not impossible. Offer to pay the fees for the guarantee. Nice test.


  1. Write each individual service as precisely as possible in the developer contract. With exact brand names.


  1. … and the completion date. With fixed penalties.


  1. For God’s sake, avoid plastic windows (mold) and polystyrene insulation.


  1. Negotiate. For example, demand that the developer contribute to the notary’s fees. He needs you more than you need him.


  1. Have the words “release” and “warranty” explained to you by your notary until you understand them. The construction law is about as complicated as the entire Civil Code. And you should know pretty well for what rights and obligations you give your life assets.


  1. Sign nothing and never under time pressure. No reservation agreement, no sales contract and no loan agreement.


  1. If you’re building: Show up every three days on the job site and measure everything yourself.


  1. Take someone from the TÜV for acceptance.


  1. Very important: Make an agreement with your wife / husband that you will not be divorced during search, construction and relocation. No matter what happens. When everything is ready, invite him / her to Venice. And ask with giant bunch of flowers to forget the 300 choleric outbreaks on the job site.


  1. Better an end with terror than a terror without end! If you are in the middle of a messed-up property, sell it as quickly as possible and take back a rental apartment completely stress-free and flexible.