the Best Bottle Warmer. Quickly compare all bestsellers.

The best bottle warmer for us is the Beurer BY 52 . The digital baby food warmer is easy to use, solidly built and has a practical keep warm function, which can be set exactly to the degree. All this you get at a very fair price.

Babies food must not be too hot and not too cold. Parents who have no previous experience are often insecure and can only estimate the temperature themselves over time. Of course, there was not such a thing in the past, but today is not then and if you have the opportunity, you can well and gladly fall back on a baby food or the Best Bottle Warmer. Quickly compare all bestsellers.

We have looked at 14 copies and tested extensively. You do not even have to spend a lot of money and you have the certainty to serve your child exactly the right temperature meal.

Short overview: Our recommendations

The Beurer BY52 impresses with its timeless and simple design, its very good workmanship and its gentle and constant warming of baby food and baby drinks. The many extras such as the overheat protection, the heat regulation or the automatic shutdown make it together with the very fair price to our test winner – but the differences to our other recommendations are not great.

If you want the food to be warm as quickly as possible then the Philips Avent SCF355 / 00 is worth a look. He was one of the fastest warmers in the test and even has a defrost function for frozen milk or porridge to offer. Also optically he adapts well thanks to its simple design. A few euros more than for our test winner you have to spend, however.

The Thermo Constant from NUK heats the food and keeps it warm – nothing more, but no less. With the Thermo Constant you get a simple but reliable bottle warmer for little money. If you can do without extras then the NUK is a good recommendation for you.

If you’re often on the go with a child and a cone, the Chicco bottle warmer is just right. He has an adapter for the cigarette lighter with it and can therefore also warm up while driving the car food for the offspring. However, you must not be impatient here, because that will take a while. But he also does well in the company at home.