Tips for creating t-shirts brand

To create a brand of shirts you need three basic: good designs, quality shirts and an adequate distribution network. Here are our tips visit:

Original Designs

In a market as competitive as that of the shirts, being original and differentiating is elementary. From the logo of the brand to the designs, it is important to choose colors and illustrations that draw the attention of the audience that you want to capture. It is not the same printed shirts aimed at gamers that surfer.

If you are starting, our recommendation is to bet on 2-3 designs and see how they work. You can use phrases, typographic illustrations, surprising color combinations, geek designs … The designer t-shirts have endless possibilities and a lot of potential to succeed.

T-shirt printing

To personalize shirts it is not necessary to have a printing workshop. Many designers and brands rely on for their garments. In our online catalog of shirts you have all the necessary options to offer the best value for money to your customers:

  • Classic t-shirts
  • T-shirts for her
  • Two-tone shirts
  • Plus size shirts
  • Tank tops

For printing, 90% of our clients opt for textile screen printing. Not only is it the most economical option, but the results always stand out for their quality:

The screen printing is perfect to reproduce logos, text or designs with spot colors. Other brands opt for digital printing or full print for their personalized shirts.

Distribution network

An online store of shirts is the best option to reach your potential audience, but they can also be distributed at events, conventions, festivals or physical stores related to your line of shirts.