Top 5 Feng Shui apps for a better you

The color of clothes you wear, the way you style your home and, in fact, the position in which you sleep can all have a positive or a negative impact on your life. To ensure maximum prosperity in your life, you need to change the way you do things, and that’s where Feng Shui can help you. Developed over 3,000 years ago in China, Feng Shui is a study that can help you transform your life and bring in more fortune.

Today more and more people are interested in learning the science of Feng Shui, but don’t know how to go about it. So, if you are looking to improve your health and boost personal growth, these top 5 Feng Shui apps can help you get started.

Feng Shui For You

Feng Shui For You is an app that teaches you the little known secrets of Feng Shui. From important Feng Shui symbols to colors and from Feng Shui golden rules to simple wofs haircut, the app gives you all the details to help you attract good health, wealth and relationships.

Feng Shui Life Compass

Touted as one of the best Feng Shui apps, Feng Shui Life Compass promises can be your one-point access to navigate the world of Feng Shui. The app can help you instantly find the Qi (energy) that can boost your health and personal growth. Using this powerful app, you can enhance your work efficiency by finding the best directions for facing your computer, improve your health by choosing the right direction for your bed to get a good sleep and improve relationships by enhancing your charisma.

Feng Shui DIY (Home)Want to ascertain your compatibility with your dwelling to eliminate bad luck and bring in good fortune? Use Feng Shui DIY (Home). Based on Eight Mansion Feng Shui theory, Feng Shui DIY (Home) is one of the best apps to determine auspicious and inauspicious directions for your household furniture to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to good health, harmony and success.

Feng Shui Bagua Map

For Feng Shui to be powerful and effective, it needs to be placed carefully in the right direction. The Feng Shui Bagua Map app helps you find the right place for your Feng Shui to maximize its effect. Using the popular western version of Feng Shui, the app helps you spread positive Chi and luck around your home and office by finding good and bad directions. It also provides remedies and enhancements for each section of the building to help you bring good luck in your life.

Feng Shui – The Essential Pocket Guide

Want to learn the basics behind the ancient Chinese science and apply the knowledge for a healthier, more productive lifestyle? Download this app and improve the energy of your home and office with its easy-to-follow videos and tips and tricks. You can randomly select a place to get started or create your own customized lists to include your favorite must-know tips, videos, and advices and create a perfect Feng Shui environment where ever you go!